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pourriez vous me faire un devis pour la partie "camp site" je vais m'occuper de Disney et du transport et du reste.
Merci de noter que ce sont des enfants egyptiens:
Demande initiale:

We have a very important request for one of the biggest Kids camps organizers in Egypt who are preparing their camp in Paris for next Summer 2016. The initial planning of the request will be outlined below, we are preparing at the moment the initial quotation and need to receive your initial feedback.

Approx. Dates 22/7/2016 – 2/8/2016

No. of pax 100 – 120 Participants (+ Chaperones - adults)

Age Group 8 – 20 years old (Boys and Girls)

Breakdown of Stay 1 Night Paris (Close to Charle De Gaulle area – with walking distance to a Park or Gardens) – Upon arrival

8 Nights Specialized Camp Site (Will Probably be booked Separately but we are totally open for suggestions if you can provide them or provide contacts)

2 Nights Paris (Close to Charle De Gaulle area – with walking distance to a Park or Gardens) – Before Departure

Hotel 3 Stars or 2 Stars (Very Clean and availability to provide Meeting Rooms is a plus)

Transportation We need Transportation rates separately based on all different coach sizes (Transfers , Full Days , Half Days)

Rental 2 X 7 Seater vehicles will be needed for the whole duration (On normal rental basis to be used by the Head of Chaperones)

Disney Special Disney entry offers that you can propose (2 Day / 2 park tickets offers or special agreements)

Inquiries and Requirements:

- Transportation Rates needs to be provided separately with all vehicle possibilities and rates

- Hotel accommodation upon arrival and before departure are flexible and open to suggestions specially if you can deliver good deals with budget hotels. The reason that we are asking for Hotels with walking distance from Parks and Gardens, is that they would like to perform some sessions with the kids in the open air gardens and nature.

- 2 Full day tours in Paris (Panoramic tour including the Cite de Science and another tour educational including the Natural History Museum, Evolution Museum, Jardin de Plantes and Notre Dames)

- Separate rate for the rental Cars mentioned above with alternatives (has to be 7 seaters – driven by the head Chaperones)

- Although the camp booking will be probably booked separate from you but we are still totally open to your suggestions if you can offer us alternatives with full details that may be helpful to us or that you are acquainted with.

- Some of the extracurricular activities that will be needed separately if you can help are the following:

1. Possibility to perform Photography Sessions during the Camp days

2. Artistic Sessions

3. Organizing Social Responsibility trips

4. Life Coaching Mentors

5. Horse Back Riding Activities

6. Cooking Classes with French Chef on Site (With Certifications of Attendance and completion given out at end of classes)

7. Soccer Tournament organization or Meet with well known teams (i.e. PSG, and others) for Boys for Age Group 13 – 14 years

8. Volley Ball Tournament organization or Meet with French Teams for Girls for Age Group 13 – 14 years
9. Valle D'Europe Offers or Special visiting arrangements

J'ai ensuite fait une demande d'information complémentaire et voici sa reponse:

Dear Claire,

Thank you for your prompt reply. Concerning your inquiries, please find below our response:

- The location of the camp in France is preferably to be to close vicinity of Paris. However depending on what other camps offer (different activities or better quality of activities) we are flexible to the location.

- The age group is from 10 – 16 years old 100 – 120 pax (cannot determine at all the exact numbers in each category. Adults would be around 10 – 12 serving the whole group (Chaperones)

- No budget has been set at the moment but we are on a tight budget ….. nothing extravagant.

- During camp of course it should be full board. However the other nights in Paris should be Bed and Breakfast with the option of Dinner to be given separately

- Food Requirements is only restricted to No Alcoholics of any kind (Even within food cooking) and No Pork to be served

N.B. Please advise if you can get us discounted rates for entrance fees of the mentioned visits in Paris / and Euro Disney for special trips and age groups like ours.

Merci de me faire un devis au mieux.
Dans l'attente de vous lire au plus vite je vous souahite une belle journée;

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